How to arrange clothing in very little closet space

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The basic truth is, If you’re discouraged by a small closet that you have in the house for your clothing, their is always a way to work

around it.: There are plenty of ways to make your space more streamlined and organized—and even make it seem bigger. With the right organizing products, a few decorating tricks, and a little patience, you might find that tiny closet is actually just right. (Major bonus: these ideas won’t cost a fortune.) Here, three experts open the doors.

Women may benefit the most from these tips, but men might learn a thing or two.

 General Tips

  1. Use ALL available space, but keep it organized.
  2. Keep out-of-season (winter/summer) clothes out of the way.
  3. You’re more likely to wear something if you can see it.
  4. Keep 1-2 hooks empty for quick-n-dirty clean up.
  5. Don’t forget the backs of deep shelves, and high-up places.
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Hanging Clothes

  • Try installing a second closet rod above your main one. This basically doubles your hanging space. Buy a stool (my preference) or a reaching rodfor access.
  • Matching hangers makes everything look so nice.
  • Cascading hooks are bloody genius and work with almost any hanger. Use two at a time!
  • You can get a tiered hanger for skirts. Mine is over 30 years old and still going strong.
  • I have yet to find the perfect single skirt hanger commercially available, but it must have spring-clips and smooth rubber grips. The Joy Mangano clips suck–don’t waste your money.
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Folded Clothes

  • Fold all knit items to prevent hanger bumps. That includes sweaters, most t-shirts, and some blouses.
  • Got deep shelves? Fold clothes appropriately. If you still have space behind your folded clothes (i.e. really deep shelves) store your out-of-season sandals/sweaters back there.
  • If you are using a dresser or other drawers, stack clothes vertically rather than horizontally.
  • For open shelving, be sure not to stack so high that it tumbles.
  • Feel free to use extra shelving in already existing shelves.

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Shoes and Boots

  • Use an over-the-door shoe organizer—I like these better than hang-in-the-closet versions because hanging space is so valuable. Ideally, look for ones where you can put both shoes in one slot.
  • Small cheap bookshelves are great for boots. Check your local Craigslist for cheapies.
  • Some people love keeping their original shoe boxes, but this violates.
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