Did you know, women are bleaching the skin around their anus?

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That was how I was going through the internet one day and I came across the information that women not only bleach their face but the

 skin around their anus. Absolutely unbelievable, but hays, it seems true, as it’s becoming a trend. By the way, why is it that the anus is usually darker than every other part of the body for Africans?

We’re not kidding you.

If you thought you’ve seen the world go stark bonkers, then you’re in for a ‘pleasant’ surprise. Women who think their buttholes can be a bit ugly are bleaching the skin around it and although this trend is far from new, it has recently increased in popularity.

Clinic manager at HB Health of Knightsbridge, Sheri Johnson said in an interview with Daily Mail, “We have seen a rise of 23 per cent in the past year at the clinic. Laser therapy is the most popular, accounting for around 95 per cent and cream treatments about five per cent. It’s predominately women who come for the bleaching but we have had a few men in this year too. I think women are feeling under pressure from their partners to emulate the look of adult stars that are seen in porn.”

This increase in demand has brought the anal bleaching topic back to the fore and while it is getting major media attention, we’ll share 5 facts about the asshole beautification trend:

  1. Anal bleaching is done by laser therapy in cosmetic salons and clinics. The process involves removing a layer of melanin, the pigment responsible for skin darkness. Alternately, you can have a friend do it for you at home by rubbing bleaching creams around your butthole, as seen below.
Two actresses on British television series, Geordie Shore in April

2. Since it is a non-medical procedure, your skin may react to the chemicals that go into it but that depends on your skin type and sensitivity. You may have to seek expert advice from your dermatologist before you go on to lighten your butt skin.

3. Keeping Up With The Kardashian star, Kourtney Kardashian has also had her anus bleached so you’re not exactly alone on this one. There’s a credible celebrity to look up to.

4. Anal bleaching is more popular among porn stars although a few men have been known to get in the act.

5. We’re not sure butthole is supposed to be attractive so the general advice has been to spend less time looking at it in a mirror. The less you know about your butthole, the lesser your cravings for a lighter one. Abi what do you think?

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